Rubber has been our world, right from the very beginning. Even when the company was founded in Vienna in 1948, everything at BATEGU revolved around one material: rubber.
After the development and expansion of BATEGU, the first automated production of small precision components started in 1975.

For many years, BATEGU has been one of the leading companies in the research and development of rubber compounds for a wide range of applications.

BATEGU was for instance involved in ESA projects when the flex bearing for a new engine control system was developed in 1990.

In 1999, fire-resistant and specially modified round buffers from BATEGU were developed for the spectacular roof construction of the Sony building in Berlin and have now been meeting the requirements for 24 years without the need for replacement.

BATEGU was also the first in the world to develop a patented fire protection solution for use in bogies of rail vehicles, which meets the high requirements of the fire protection standard (CEN / TS EN 45545-2:2009 (R9 HL3)).


In 1950 the Metal Division is being established with stamping, cold forming, turning, grinding, milling, and drilling operations.

In 1951 Series production of rubber-metal composite parts using steel, brass, and aluminium.

In 1962 the new compound supplier opens.

In 1972 the production of injection molding machines begins.

In 1975 the automated production of small precision parts begins.

In 1994 BATEGU set a milestone in company history by winning the “EUREKA Lillehammer Award” for the development of rubber-bonded, powerful neodymium-iron-boron permanent-magnets.

In 1996 the ISO 9001 quality management system is introduced.

In 2011, BATEGU was the first to develop a patented fire protection solution that meets both the fire protection requirements of CEN/TS 45545-2 (R8 HL3) and the functionally necessary properties of flexible metal/rubber components for use in bogies.

In 2015, BATEGU developed a flame-retardant and highly dynamic EPDM rubber for the production of vibration components in rail vehicles, which meets the requirements of EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015 (R9 HL3). BATEGU supplies EN-compliant components for safe use in driving conditions. Patent was granted.

In 2022, BATEGU moved to Hirschstettner Straße in 1220 Vienna.

Today, as a manufacturer of sealing, oscillating and drive elements, BATEGU supplies numerous industries worldwide with the innovative, specialised products made of rubber.