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BATEGU is a leading supplier of high-quality anti-vibration components. For more than 70 years renowned international manufacturers of rolling stock as well as railway operators rely on the supreme and safe quality of BATEGU.

The competence of BATEGU comprises the development and production of rubber compounds, machining of metal parts and the processes for the production of rubber- and rubber-to-metal bonded parts. All production technologies (compression-, transfer- and injection moulding) are used. Thus all required production technologies are available to ensure optimum parts in the typical quantities for the railway industry.

BATEGU rail vehicle components protect against shock, dampen vibrations and suppress noise, thereby ensuring smoother running, reduce wear, are maintenance-free and reliable over their whole life-cycle. This is especially supported by the quality of the BATEGU rubber compounds developed to meet the specific properties required for railway parts.

BATEGU, when developing and manufacturing parts for railways, is focussed on the highest possible riding comfort during a fault-free life-time and safety for the passengers and railway staff.

As a pioneer in the field of flame retardant (highly) dynamically resilient elastomer materials, BATEGU, as the first manufacturer of elastomer materials for EN 45545-compliant anti-vibration components (M1 components) already presented these in 2011. These are specifically for use in bogies, and today BATEGU has the world's largest range of EN 45545-compliant elastomer materials (BTG BTG®9713 and BTG®9559 40 to 85 Shore A +/- 5, at least R9 with a hazard level of 2 or 3) for the production of anti-vibration components (M1 components), in particular for use in bogies. In particular, large-volume conical springs/secondary springs (e.g. more than 8 kg combustible mass), which are described by vehicle manufacturers as the most challenging components in terms of their multi-axial dynamic stress, can be manufactured with BATEGU's EN 45545-compliant elastomer materials and meet both the fire protection requirements and the dynamic mechanical requirements.

With a low temperature flexibility down to -50° C BATEGU components also withstand extreme environmental conditions.
The materials are halogen-free, free of nitrosamine-forming raw materials and comply with strict RoHS guidelines, as well as the REACH requirements and the guidelines of UNIFE.

BATEGU components are used for interior and exterior applications in a wide range of vehicles and bogies, such as motor coaches, locomotives, underground trains, trams, etc. We develop and manufacture, to name but a few examples:
Axle bearings, spring discs, cone springs, multi-layer springs, spherical bearings, lateral bumpers, spring elements for wheel sets (rings and single rubber springs), motor bearings and hollow springs.

BATEGU Rail Vehicle Components
BATEGU Fire Protection EN 45545 
BATEGU EN 45545-compliant Elastomer Materials

Example BATEGU primary conical spring
Example BATEGU secondary spring
Example BATEGU multilayer spring
Example BATEGU layer spring

BATEGU Presentation EN 45545 - Who cares?


  • Verband der Bahnindustrie (Austrian Association of the Railway Industry), Vienna, www.bahnindustrie.at
  • ÖVG - Österreichische Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (Austrian Transportation Sciences Society), Vienna, www.oevg.at



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